Laser Skin Resurfacing

laser-skin-resurfacingLaser skin resurfacing is a surgical procedure performed in a surgical center under anesthesia and should not be confused with chemical peels or light treatments. The procedure removes the top layer of weathered, aging skin and tightens the deep layers revealing a smoother, more even youthful complexion.

Ideal Candidates

Patients interested in laser resurfacing generally have wrinkles, scarring or pigmentation that are not improved by less invasive procedures such as fillers, IPL treatments or chemical peels. Because there is a risk of hyper or hypo pigmentation your skin type will play a large role in whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. You may treat just the area around the mouth or eyes with laser resurfacing but generally the best results are achieved with full face resurfacing.

How It’s Done

Laser skin resurfacing, sometimes called a “laser peel,” uses a carbon dioxide or erbium laser to remove areas of damaged or wrinkled skin, layer by layer. The skin will need several weeks to heal completely and a pink color will be present for a few weeks to months afterwards. While the skin remains in this “pink” phase it will be producing collagen which helps to tighten and restore the skin.

Results and Recovery

The results from laser resurfacing are dramatic and worth the somewhat lengthy recovery. Wrinkles are smoother, discoloration and blotches are removed (or at least improved) and newer, fresher skin is revealed. There are no sutures or bandages and Dr. Platis will see you for follow up several days after your procedure to check on your healing progress. While there are no bandages it is important to keep the skin well moisturized directly following your procedure. We will provide you with information on what products to use for your skin type. It is also important to stay out of direct sunlight while your skin is healing.

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